Grant Readiness Challenge: Day 3: Centralize Application Passwords

Where did I write down that application password? 

Did it have an exclamation point and an ampersand, or just an ampersand at the end?

Perhaps you use a password vault like LastPass or allow Google Chrome to save your passwords. Yet what happens when there is staff transition? Or someone else from the organization is going to log in to work on or submit an application while you are on vacation? Now things get messy with requesting password help for forgotten passwords or creating a new account and associating it with the previous account.

 A simple, yet effective solution is to maintain a password document in a secure spot on the server that at least one other member of your grant team can access. List the funders alphabetically and then put the user name, password, and link to the log-in site.

Now, regardless of whether the account is in your name, your Executive Director’s name, or even a previous employee’s name, all the log-in information is accessible in one place.


Don’t forget to share your journey on the 30 Day Grant Readiness Challenge by using the hashtag #grantreadiness on your posts and updates on social media.


Did you miss the launch of the 30 Day Grant Readiness Challenge? It isn’t too late for you to start! You can sign up at any point and it will start you back on Day 1!

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