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People First Language In Grant Writing

If one was to ask my daughter to describe her best friend, here is what she would say. She loves to be pushed on the swing. She’s good at painting. She gives really great hugs. What she wouldn’t say is that her best friend is “special needs.” She would say, however, that she is her most special friend in the whole wide world.   The…

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Who Are Our Future Grant Professionals

“Community is being close to the people around you. To me, community isn’t a place, it’s a feeling,” Rebecca Leonard   13-year-old Rebecca Leonard submitted an essay for the Northern New York Community Foundation Community Spirit Youth Giving Challenge where she highlighted the Watertown Urban Mission and its many services including their food program. Her description of community was compelling to the review committee, so…

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Deeping Your Understanding and Use of Demographic Data

Resources for Writing a Good Demographic Statement or Why Grant Writers Deserve their own type of Sherlock Holmes Hats   One of the most satisfying part of my job as a grant writer is when I’m listening to a client or colleague and they have a compelling request, “Can we find money to increase staffing for a homeless shelter” or “Can we find funding to…

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