It is the goal of DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services to assist nonprofit organizations with competitively applying, receiving, and managing grant funding to best serve our clients and have a significant impact in their communities.

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We Can Help You With

Grant Readiness Assessment

The GRASP Tool is a 10-minute grant readiness assessment questionnaire that will give you a specific measurement of your organization’s grant readiness.

Grant Research Opportunity

Our team will search foundation and government grant opportunities to find the best fit for your organization based on your organization's mission and programs. Our team will help draft your grant calendar and grant strategy.

Grant Writing & Editing

Our team will write grant applications tailored to each grant maker. Through our editing services we provide grant reviews and critiques to assist your staff in strengthening proposals and chances for success. 

Mock Grant Review

Three of our lead writers will serve as your mock review team prior to finalizing the application for submission. You will receive critical feedback to increase the competitiveness of your application.

Grant Writer in Your Pocket

Want a second opinion on strategy, not sure if a grant is a good fit, or just looking for grant writing advice?  Schedule a one time call. No contract needed!

Grantmaker Services

Our team is passionate about working with grantmaking organizations to strengthen the grant readiness and enhance the grant writing skills and practices of their grantees and partners.

Grant Team Launch

Our team will help you establish or expand your grant team. We will also help you create a shared grant calendar and strategy to become successful.

Agile in Nonprofits

Agile in Nonprofits strives to support nonprofit organizations with an emphasis on grant seeking organizations, that are looking to achieve greater impacts in their communities faster than they ever have before.

Upcoming Granting Writing Trainings

Our team offers public and private trainings custom to your organization.

 Download our free grant training catalog to book your next training.

Free Resource Downloads

Don't Let Grants Stress You Out Let Us Help

Grants should not be stressful. Grants are not free or easy money, but the writing, implementation, and reporting of them does not need to be stressful. Our team is here to help ensure that grants are meaningful support for your organization, not a source of stress.


Grantmaker Services
"DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services has completely changed the nonprofit ecosystem by holistically addressing each organizations functional areas: revenue generation abilities, increasing capacity through meaningful growth, creating and sustaining an agile culture, and maximizing operational performance and financial efficiency. There’s no one better!"
Jamie Cox
Director, United Way of Northern New York
"It is a great pleasure to recommend Diane and her exceptional team at DH Leonard Consulting. With her firm's assistance, North Carolina New Schools was successful in securing a $20 million i3 scale up grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This was an incredibly complex and challenging proposal; with their help, what seemed impossible became possible. Her expertise, strategic and thoughtful approaches, great communication, and flexibility were tremendous assets in this process. They are adept with program development, proposal writing, budget development, logic models and much more. I highly recommend Diane and DH Leonard Consulting and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with them."
Sylvia DuRant
Director, Grants Management North Carolina New Schools
"Diane, and her team at DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, are true specialists in helping organizations further their mission. Besides their critical research skills in finding the right grant to match the organization's mission, they achieve a substantial grant acquisition rate, in large part, due to their grant readiness strategy! If your organization is serious about securing grants, DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services is a must have."
Jackie Nagel
Business Coach, President at Synnovatia, Community Strategist at Eureka
"Diane led a terrific custom webinar, "Grant Budgets that Tell a Story" for our Grant Professional of Lower Hudson members. The information presented was thorough and covered many different grant application budget formats and budget topics. Diane provided useful tips about how to design a budget that will lead to grant success. We especially liked Diane's references to actual organizations and how their budgets were constructed. Diane is a warm and engaging speaker and we would love to have her back again soon!"
Joanne Stewart, GPLH
Consultant, Goodworks Advisory Group, LLC
I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Diane onnumerous projects over the past seven years. She is an excellentgrant writer with the keen ability to capture exactly what fundersare looking for. She also has the eye for the smallest of details thatmakes sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.
Marc Berke
Senior Director, Major Gifts, Forgotten Harvest
"As someone who teaches part-time, I recognize a natural born instructor when I see one. Diane is such an amazing instructor--a gift that not many possess. She is very knowledgeable, welcomes questions ( seamlessly working them into her lessons) and prepares a flexible curriculum that allows her to switch to topics relevant to her audience/class. However, the best thing about Diane is her passion for her work and her very dynamic nature. Her energy and attitude are contagious and, she makes you think about grants differently. I have taken Basic and Intermediate courses with Diane and she has a consistent teaching style across courses, which I love. I hope to have another opportunity to work with Diane! I can't say enough good things about her. Thanks so much Diane for making me a better grant professional"
Rachel Davis
MPH | Project Manager, Social Determinants of Health Survey Bureau of Epidemiology Services | Surveys and Data Analysis Unit NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
"Thanks to Diane's guidance and expertise as a consultant to Save The River over the past few years, the organization significantly increased the number of grants received in support of our programs. From providing valuable strategic advice for our annual planning to handling the nitty gritty of application details, Diane was a positive and knowledgeable partner as we pursued our goals of increasing annual grant funding. She has a strong ability to quickly grasp and articulate in writing the details of an organization's vision and programs and an eye for matching potential grant opportunities with the organization's program needs. Diane is also very organized and clear in her expectations for each project she pursues. Diane consistently went above and beyond my expectations each time I worked with her. I highly recommend her services"
Jennifer Caddick
Executive Director, Save the River
It is my great pleasure to serve as a reference for the DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC and to enthusiastically recommend the company's outstanding expertise with editing and grant writing services. In all respects, including knowledge, expertise in guiding the grant writing process from an early phase to completion, integrity, and commitment to her client's success, I can highly recommend the company to you - and am confident the staff, led by Diane H. Leonard, GPC will be an ideal partner in the collaborative process of grant writing.
Joan M. Lakoski
, PhD. Director, Proposal Development West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute WVCSTI - WVU Health Sciences
Diane. You and your group are the most impressive group of grant writing professionals I’ve worked with in my 40+ years. We are very fortunate to be working with you.
John Peach
Board President, Save The River
"Diane Leonard conducted an amazing webinar for our GPA chapter titled "Think Like a Reviewer." The material was easy to follow, but introduced new strategies that beginners and veteran grant professionals could implement almost immediately. Diane structured the presentation so it was interactive and caused the audience to think. I look forward to her presenting to our chapter again in the future."
Ashaki Sorrell
GPA Michigan Chapter Secretary

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