Grantmaker Services

Our team helps grantmakers offer capacity building services for their grantees and partners

Webinars | In-Person Trainings | Keynote Speaking

Our team is passionate about working with grantmaking organizations to strengthen the grant readiness and enhance the grant writing skills and practices of their grantees and partners.

We offer a variety of webinars, in-person workshops, or plenary presentations as a way to share best practices and build the capacity of grant seeking organizations. Topics include: Agile Leadership, Grant Readiness, and Grantmaker Relationships.

Each of our grantmaker engagements is tailored to the goals of the grantmaking organization and the unique relationships that they have with their grantees and other partners.

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What Grantmakers are Saying:

“DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services has completely changed the nonprofit ecosystem by holistically addressing each organizations functional areas: revenue generation abilities, increasing capacity through meaningful growth, creating and sustaining an agile culture, and maximizing operational performance and financial efficiency.  There’s no one better!”

-Jamie Cox, Director, United Way of Northern New York

Grantmaker Services

Schedule a call with out team today to learn more about our grantmaker services.

We also support grantmakers through our work with Agile in Nonprofits.