Are you a grant professional who is looking for a team environment?

We are a small energetic team that is dedicated to helping nonprofits write strong proposals and ultimately secure more grants than ever before. Working as a team, we focus on collaboration and communication to expedite stronger applications and take the stress out of grants for both our clients and ourselves. We adopted the Scrum framework, which has allowed all work to remain visible, actionable, and competitive. We are a team of readers, ice cream enthusiasts, and animal lovers looking for the strongest team-driven individuals to join in on the fun.

Team success

But our commitment to support doesn’t end with our clients. We also spend time supporting our teammates, celebrating our successes together, and getting to know each other on a deeper level through activities such as trivia, virtual escape rooms, and virtual water cooler time.

Communication is key in our efforts to support both our clients and each other. We actively listen to understand needs and concerns, openly share ideas and feedback, and collaborate effectively to find the best solutions. By fostering an environment of open communication and mutual respect, we create a foundation where support can thrive.

Our team is made up of grant professionals from all over the country with different backgrounds and passions, allowing us to each bring a special voice to each grant proposal making us a unique and diverse team.

As a grant professional, you may feel alone. In our organization, no one is alone in anything they write. You have team members to help edit, bounce ideas off of, ask questions, mock review, and lean on when you need it. We are Google Drive-based, allowing multiple team members and clients to collaborate on a document at one time.

Are you passionate about different topics? We have a plethora of different clients with different backgrounds, which allows you, as a lead writer, to write proposals for multiple topics to make a difference in a variety of community projects along with working with our incredible clients.

We broke down silos and reinvented grant writing with Agile.
Our team works on multiple grants at a time by breaking down the work into versions and swarming as a team to write the strongest grant for our clients.
We utilize tools such as ClickUp and Slack to help communicate and make work visible.
If one team member is unexpectedly out of the office, this allows other team members to help pick up the work and complete it.

  1. Backlog: New project is assigned to a Lead Writer and added to the Team Backlog
  2. Sprint Planning: The Writing Team meets to plan for the upcoming Sprint based on the Team Backlog.
  3. V-1 Draft: Application details confirmed and the Lead Writer starts a first draft.
  4. V-2 Draft: A “flushed out” application is sent to the client for review.
  5. V-3 Draft: All outstanding comments have been resolved and sent for final or mock review.
  6. Final: A final application is reviewed and approved by the client, and submitted! (V-4 Final)

“The team itself. Team members bring different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise to the table. We are supportive of each other and more productive by working collaboratively. Also, our shared responsibility really helps alleviate some of the stress of working in an environment where all the responsibility of the work falls to one person.”


“One of the things I love most is feeling trusted and appreciated. I feel like my contributions to the team are valued and that leadership trust me and my work.”

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