Inside the Writing Process

The Grant Writing Process


1. Backlog

When a project is agreed upon, it is assigned to a Lead Writer and added to the Team Backlog.

2. Sprint Planning

Each week on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm ET, the team meets to plan the upcoming Sprint, which is one week long. They lay out a timeline of the iterations or versions for the projects added in the Team Backlog.

6. Final

(V-3 Foundation/V-4 Government)

The draft document is given to clients for a final review and then final edits are incorporated. It is ready for submission.

Inside the Writing Process

3. V-1 Draft

The draft document is framed out with information that we have so far, structures for responses, and comments/questions in the margin. The rough draft is ready to be shared with the client for their initial input/sharing of information to help flush out the narrative.

5. V-3 Draft


The narrative aligns with the budget and other attachments; all documents are consistent with each other. The draft application goes through a mock review process, and all responses are within the funder’s limits.

4. V-2 Draft

The client’s feedback is incorporated into the narrative, it goes through a grammar edit from a team member, and it is ready for review by the client.