Grant Writing Boot Camp

Stay up to date with your federal grant readiness, research, and collaboration best practices with our Grant Writing Boot Camp! 

We collaborated with to give you a convenient virtual 4-day training to help you secure more grants.

Grant Writing Boot Camp

Grant Writing Boot Camp gives you a broad overview of the grant process, from assessing grant readiness to conducting federal grant research and collaborating with partners to developing budgets and work plans.

Grant Writing Boot Camp is designed to be an easy-to-understand overview of the federal grant writing process to increase your grant readiness to apply for and secure federal grants.

Are you a grant professional, grant writer, executive director, program staff, or manager? In Grant Writing Boot Camp we cover the basics for beginners and strategies and trends for the more experienced professional. We cover the best practices of grant seeking to help you feel confident and competitive as you click submit on your federal grant applications (and other grants too!).

Federal Grant Writing Tips

Whether you are first getting started with federal grants, or you have a few federal grant submissions (and maybe even awards!) under your belt, you may feel the pressure of the highly competitive process. The dollars at stake are huge and so are the impacts on your organization.

We put together a Top 10 list about mistakes we see and hear about with federal grant applications. They aren’t in sequential order the way we might expect on a late-night tv show, as the likelihood of the mistake to impact an organization depends on countless factors.

In addition to the twelve contact hours of training, you also get:

  • Live-instructor interaction during the training for questions and clarity about the training
  • Access to the online Grant Writing Boot Camp Resource Centerchock-full of guides, templates, checklists, and more, all designed to help you make securing federal grants more manageable!
  • Access to a complete set of the replays for a full year after the training to refresh and reinforce your learning investment.

A full year of e-mentoring and support after your training will help you apply the concepts you learned, clarify the confusing and often conflicting guidance, and support your professional development.