Grant Readiness Challenge: Day 18: Rest Day

Time for another rest day…time to relax, reflect and recharge! (You aren’t tired of rest days, are you?! It’s a key part of working at a sustainable pace!)

You’ve done a great job with the third week of your Grant Readiness Challenge!

Here is a summary of what you have tackled so far:

  • Day 13: Customize a Thank You for A Grantmaker
  • Day 14: Call a Grantmaker to Share a Success Story
  • Day 15: Create Talking Points and Call A New Funder
  • Day 16: Research or Promote a Grantmaker on Social Media
  • Day 17: Engage Board Members in Grantmaker Relationships


What day of the challenge did you find most challenging this week? Least challenging? We’d love to hear! Drop us an email at, reach out via the Contact Us form, or use the #grantreadiness hashtag on social media.

Here is a sneak peek at what is coming up in the week ahead for you:

  •  Day 19: Review For Acronym Use
  • Day 20: Review Budget and Narrative for Consistency
  • Day 21: Start with a Blank Page
  • Day 22: Collaborative Editing
  • Day 23: Implement a Mock Review Process


Don’t forget to share your journey on the 30-Day Grant Readiness Challenge by using the hashtag #grantreadiness on your posts and updates on social media.

Did you miss the launch of the 30-Day Grant Readiness Challenge? It isn’t too late for you to start! You can sign up at any point and it will start you back on Day 1!

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