Grant Readiness Challenge: Day 9: Assess Frequency of Research

Take time today for Day 9 of the challenge to review your grant research process. How often do you share and review your results with your team?

While doing the research is important, reporting results is equally important to reaching grant revenue goals. We must be able to proactively research opportunities and clearly and concisely report the results to our team to dedicate maximum time to the grant writing process.

Following are some quick tips for communicating grant research results to your grant team or client effectively:

Tip 1:  Schedule a regular meeting to review information

Regular team engagement is key to addressing questions and keeping the lines of communication open.  To keep new and current opportunities in front of the team, schedule weekly or, at a minimum, monthly meetings with your grant team.

Tip 2:  Make sure you are reviewing funding opportunities with deadlines three to six months out.

Make sure your report looks at funding opportunities far enough out for the team to make a decision whether or not to proceed, review the funding package in more detail, ask the funder questions, and draft a proposal.  This can be a three to six-month process, particularly for more complex state or federal applications.  Be proactive with your grant research to avoid scrambling to complete a grant application, which often leads to errors and funder rejection letters.


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