Grant Readiness Challenge: Day 10: Developing a Strategy for “Unsolicited Not Accepted”

You are doing grant research and you come across a funding opportunity that seems perfect for your organization (or your client if you are a consultant). However, when you review the opportunity details, you notice the funder doesn’t accept unsolicited proposals. What do you do?

Review your grant strategy and consider the following options to address funders who don’t accept unsolicited proposals.

Option 1:  Don’t pursue any future opportunities with this funder.

This is obviously a choice. It takes time to make your case to the funder, and you may simply not have the time to do the work needed. This choice may also be preferable if you have regular sources of grant funding that cover the majority of your revenue needs, and are just looking for opportunities for supplemental funding.

Option 2:  Make a call using talking points to the funder to find out how you get on the list of solicited applicants

If you aren’t sitting pretty with the stability of your revenue stream, and this really does look like a perfect fit for your or your client’s program, you may choose the persistent approach. If you choose this option, make sure you find out the requirements for getting on the “solicited applicant” list and explain your qualifications if you meet the requirements. If the funder requests more information, follow up in a timely manner. If the funder doesn’t wish to add you at that time, ask when you can follow up again.

Both options are perfectly acceptable, but the key is to be consistent in your grant strategy to avoid wasted time. Discuss the two options above with your team, and incorporate the desired one into your strategy today.


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