#LifeasaGrantWriter and #LifeasaGrantPro

Grant Writer (#LifeasaGrantWriter) versus Grant Pro or Grant Professional (#LifeasaGrantPro)…what is the difference you might ask? Both are chronicling the daily office lives and downtime/self-care of grant writers and grant professionals.

It comes back to the big title debate in our field…Grant Writer or Grant Professional? One generalization about the choice between the titles is that those who identify their career as that of a grant professional recognize that grant writing is one of the many skill sets and tasks that they excel at as part of grant development and related work. Those that identify their career as a grant writer, may be younger in their career or may be an experienced individual who prefers the writing elements of pre-award grant development and finds the grant writer title to fit best.

Regardless of whether you as a professional use grant professional or grant writer, or some combination of both depending on what audience you are describing your work in, our team enjoys seeing what life as a grant writer and life as a grant professional actually *looks* like – be it in your office, when taking a break, when traveling, etc. It is especially fun and inspiring to see how grant professionals and grant writers are balancing summer deadlines with summer vacations!

I’ve written about #LifeasaGrantWriter before when the hashtag first was being used and since then Bethany Turner, GPC has written about and led Twitter chats using the hashtag and curated posts about #LifeasaGrantWriter. We’re also following and using the hashtags ourselves on Instagram and Twitter as an active part of the grant community and to engage other members of the Grant Professionals Association and field at large in sharing images of what their work looks like.

So…share with us…what does your #lifeasagrantwriter and/or #lifeasagrantpro look like this summer? Are you up to your eyeballs in New York State CFA grant applications? Taking a slower month to recharge for the upcoming client projects you have ahead? Pre-planning with your fellow employees for a big application due in October? We’d love to see! Share pictures and comments with us using the hashtags!

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