Grant Writing: The Basics

Are you new to grant writing? Are you considering a career as a grant professional? Are you a board member interested in learning more about grants so that you can help your organization?

I wanted to put some of our key “basic” information about getting started and some definitions of industry jargon in one place for you. If you’re still looking for more, you can peruse and subscribe to our DH Leonard Consulting YouTube channel or search our blog.


What is a Grant?

A grant is such a broad umbrella term covering everything from foundation grants to federal grants. What exactly *is* a grant? Find out more in our YouTube video here.


What is a Grant Calendar

Grant calendars help provide a plan for both you as the grant writer and for your colleagues that will have to provide information and input as it relates to applications, renewals, and reports for grants (who are key members of your grant team whether you call it that or not).

Learn more about what a grant calendar is and how to use one by reading more here.

Our watching the YouTube video here.


What Is a Grant Team

A grant team is…

A group of colleagues that have a stake in creating competitive grant applications in order to ensure that they/their colleagues can successfully implement a funded project.

Read more here to learn the rest of the definition of a grant team, who should be a on a grant team, and what a grant team actually does.


What Tools to Use for Grant Research

There is no perfect or “right” combination of research tools that will be best for *all* grant professionals/grant writers. It depends on what organization(s) you work with and what grant seeking goals the organization has. Learn more about grant research tools in this YouTube video.


How Much Time Does It Take to Write a Grant?

Get the answer in this YouTube video.

What other basic questions about grant writing do you have? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to address it in an upcoming blog post or new YouTube video.

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