#LifeasaGrantWriter: The Curated List

I had so much fun putting together the list of 15 statements in the post You Know You are a Grant Writer When that I am sharing a curated list of Your #LifeasaGrantWriter and #LifeasaGrantPro social media posts today. Enjoy.


You  Know You are a Grant Writer When . . .

Geeky grant moment! When you use their [Bureau of Labor Statistics] data in grant apps, of course you need a pic when you’re in town for a Grant Writing USA  workshop. – Amanda Day, GPC https://twitter.com/wholewheatgirl/status/941364807302897664





At the Tampa Airport getting ready for #GrantChat and then off to SC to lead Grant Management Boot Camp. – Lucy Morgan, CPA https://twitter.com/MyFedTrainer/status/978652995046002688/photo/1








High fives to all of you who identify with these statements. You are an awesome grant professional doing great work.


Let us know when you know you are a grant professional below in the comments or on social media using the hashtags #LifeasaGrantWriter and #LifeasaGrantPro.

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