You Know You Are a Grant Writer When…

Recently at the GPA national conference, I was sitting with a group of friends and one made a pun about the grant profession. We all laughed, and the joke-teller said, “Isn’t it nice to be with people who get puns like this?” Yes, it is.


You know you are a grant writer when . . .

  • You drink an enormous amount of coffee
  • You have passionate feelings on the Oxford comma debate
  • You look forward to emails from the Grant Professionals Association
  • You know what #Grantchat is
  • You either have or are working towards earning your Grant Professionals Certification
  • You have experienced writer’s block on multiple occasions
  • You get excited about office supplies including but not limited to pens, pencils, highlighters, color-coded folders, and calculators
  • You create logic model, deadlines, and checklists for every part of your life
  • You have mad research skills
  • You have these three books on your shelf and probably many others like them
  • You think International Grant Professionals Day should be a national holiday
  • You know how to check the word count/character count in every word processing app
  • You know how to read a 990
  • You used Grammarly to double check your grammar on this blog post
  • You love hanging out with grant people


For me, truly the best part of #lifeasagrantwriter is the awesome people I get to interact with on a daily basis. Grant people are the best people.


To find other ways you know your a grant writer when, look for the hashtag #lifeasagrantwriter and/or #lifeasagrantpro on social media.


How do you know you’re a grant writer?


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