Grant Readiness Challenge: Day 23: Implement a Mock Review Process

Yesterday’s challenge was about collaborative editing. Today’s challenge is about taking your grant review process prior to submission a step further. Strong editing processes are important for ALL proposals. For those grant applications that are larger, in particular for those that are government proposals or those for foundations and large grantmakers that utilize a scoring rubric, implementing a mock review is an important way to increase your competitiveness.

Here are suggested steps for how to create a mock review process for an application as well as how to incorporate the feedback from the review before you finalize an application for submission.

Creating A Mock Review

  • Provide a scoring sheet/matrix for scores & comments based on RFP/NOFO
  • Select group of three colleagues to serve as mock reviewers that were NOT lead writers on the application
  • Provide 2- 3 days for mock review

Utilizing Feedback From A Mock Review

  • Take average of three scores
  • Make edits based on areas identified as needing clarification by reviewers
  • As with comments from formal review, take comments into consideration, not as an absolute for success

Download our free toolkit here and utilize it to help in your next mock review.


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