How to Support Our Nonprofits AND Ourselves as Grant Professionals

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There is no doubt that these are unprecedented times for all of us as individuals and as grant professionals.

I have lost track of how many emails I have received that are talking about how businesses, grantmakers, and nonprofits are responding to COVID-19. I thought email traffic was heavy before…now I realize exactly how many email lists I am on for colleagues, organizations we are donors for, and businesses that we are customers of. WOW.

Yet here I am, adding more information into an already overwhelming amount of information about how people and organizations are responding to the coronavirus. I wanted to gather resources that I have found to be valuable and information that is specific to grant seeking organizations and grant professionals in one place.

I plan to continue to update the information in this post as our team’s way to support YOU, grant seeking organizations and grant professionals, as you continue to do amazing things for your community and for your organizations.

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Diane H. Leonard, GPC



Grant Opportunities


Webinars and Online Events (Time Sensitive)
  1. Federal Grant Management Webcast (April 2nd)
  2. Free Nonprofit Webinar: Coronavirus and Nonprofit Grants: Tactics and Strategies to Help You Adapt (April 3rd)
  3. CharityHowTo Live Webinars – Nonprofits & Coronavirus (March 30th, April 3rd, & 7th)
  4. Maintaining Human Connection in a Virtual World (March 30th)
  5. Grant Seeking Strategies in the Era of COVID-19 (April 2nd)
  6. COVID-19 Concerns in Grantseeking – Educational Webinar (April 2nd)
  7. Coronavirus and Nonprofits: How to Communicate in a Time of Crisis (April 2nd & 7th)
  8. Fundraising Online #FRO2020 (April 29th & 30th)
  9. CharityHowTo Webinars – Nonprofits & Coronavirus (Recordings)
  10. How Video Meetings Enhance Team Collaboration (Recording)
  11. Distributed Teams: Mitigating Business Risk in Uncertain Times (Recording)
  12. Coronavirus and Nonprofit Grants: Tactics and Strategies to Help You Adapt (Recording)


What We’re Reading
  1. A few coronavirus survival tips from a long-time Working-From-Home Consultant and Mom
  2. Distance Socializing
  3. Nonprofit Resources for Remote Work During the COVID-19 Outbreak
  4. Resources to Effectively Transition to Remote Work and Learning
  5. COVID-19: Resources from the Field
  6. “Replacing” the Face-to-Face Planning Session
  7. Facing COVID-19: Staying Healthy & Helping Grantees (Podcast)
  8. COVID-19 and Media Relations: A Quick Guide for Nonprofit Communicators
  9. COVID-19: Grantseeker and Nonprofit Resources


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