Dear New Grant Writer…a Letter From an Experienced Grant Professional

Dear New Grant Writer,


Welcome to the field of grant seeking!

You may be wondering what you got yourself into as you accepted this new job, or perhaps this new assignment as part of your expanded duties for your current employer.

When I was new in the field back in 2002, I wasn’t sure where to go for resources or to ask for assistance from. Googling grant writing resources was and still is nothing short of overwhelming.

I’ve been busy teaching a Beginner Grant Writing class in New York City this week for a group of employees in a large agency that are all charged with writing their own grants. As I talked with these eager professionals who want to understand grant writing so that they can contribute to their teams and find funding for their big goals, I thought that you, those that are new (or newish) to the field, might also like to know about some of the resources I shared with this group.

The Grant Professionals Association offers a number of excellent resources for those new to grants as well as for those experienced in the field. It is where I say that “I found my grant people” – you know…those that get why we like, in fact love grants and are happy to engage in conversations about best practices in our field.
I would also encourage you to access the Knowledge Base at GrantSpace (a program of the Foundation Center) to see what FAQs they answer and what free resources they point to.


And whether a new grant writer or experienced professional, there are a number of resources my team and I provide to help get you in your work at no charge.
We have free recorded webinars which you can access here.
We offer our free GRASP Tool to help you measure your grant readiness available here.
We offer a weekly free blog (aptly named the Grant Writer’s Blog) which you can access here.


Is there a resource you are looking for that you can’t find? Please ask! We’d be happy to help you find it.


Warmest regards,

Diane H. Leonard, GPC

A seasoned grant professional that is *SO* happy you have joined us in this work of grant seeking.

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