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*Note from Diane: We are excited to have Junior Consultant, Bethany Turner, joining us on the blog as a contributor. As we have done with our other team members that are contributing to the blog, I asked Bethany to share a “Grant Funding in Action” story with us as a means of introducing her to you, our treasured readers!


The marquee on the front of the building reads “The Little Mermaid, Sept 19-21.” As I walk into the theatre, I’m singing “Under the Sea” to myself as this is my fourth viewing of this particular production and the song is stuck in my head. It is not typical practice for me to see a theatre production four times except this one is special. My sister is one of the jellyfish, and I am the Grant Coordinator for the theatre. It also doesn’t hurt that I love Disney.

I have had the privilege of being the Grant Coordinator for Muncie Civic Theatre, located in my hometown, since December 2012. Now, I have not lived in my hometown since the summer of 2011, so all my work with the civic theatre is done through emails,  phone calls, and skype meetings. I do not have the benefit of getting to see the grant funding in action very much. But one of my priorities when I do visit, is to try to see a production or at least visit the theatre to help remind me why I do what I do.

I also have had the privilege of being an older sister going on seventeen years. The Little Mermaid, Jr. is one of the many productions my sister has participated in through the Muncie Civic Youth Theatre Education League.

The Youth Theatre Education League produces six shows each season with students in grades kindergarten through twelfth. Students audition and are cast in a show which culminates in four performances. During rehearsals, students learn performance skills and refine their knowledge of dramatic arts through lessons within rehearsals. Directing teachers are experienced theatre professionals or Ball State University Theatre Education students. Rehearsals are on Saturdays during the school year and during weekdays in the summer. The program is made possible by ticket sales and tuition revenue along with grant funding and a partnership with the theatre department of Ball State University.

It is a such a joy for me to have the opportunity to watch my sister in the Muncie Civic Youth Theatre Education League because I know she enjoys being in the productions. She enjoys learning the art of theatre and theatre performance. She improves her memorization skills, team skills, and self-confidence. She makes friends with the other cast members. And she represents just one of the hundreds of youth that are impacted by the program each year.


What are the stories of how you have seen your grant writing work in action? Share your stories with us via social media, in the comments section on the website or email Diane your stories at 


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