Wish You Were At the Beach? 4 Tips for Overcoming the Doldrums

Note from Diane: Julie hit the nail on the head this week by talking about how to get through any doldrums you might be feeling in the summer…especially if your scheduled vacation for the summer hasn’t yet arrived or has long since passed! 


No matter how much work there is to do, there’s seasonal doldrums in grant writing. Every July and August some remain in the office to tend to deadlines while others hit the road, beaches and mountaintops. More than ever, meeting the usual deadlines is an obstacle course of calendar comparisons. Your social media traffic may be down or you might feel that your work is in a lull. Here are four quick tips to keep yourself fresh during the summer doldrums, especially if you wish you were at the beach (or preferred place of relaxation):


1 –  Exercise. The best way to get creative activity flowing is to get active. Whether you add a walking treadmill to your office or walk through lush flowers gardens of deep summer, movement will inspire you. Cooling exercises are biking which creates a breeze and swimming.

2 –  Register for inspiring fall conferences. Consider what you need to know to keep your grant proposals fresh and up-to-date throughout the year. Browse your professional organizations and apply for the fall conference most suited to your current needs.


3 –  Clean house (office). Clear any clutter. If you have a paperless office, your files still need to be organized. As we work on proposals we download and save files as quick as clicks. Now’s the time to go back in and arrange the barrage in a logical order for future reference. Refresh a few areas of your website. Update materials for classes you present. Clean your contacts and calendars by merging. Small steps to clarity can reduce feeling underwhelmed.


4 –  Pat yourself on the back. If it’s too hard to focus on your work ahead, look back. Yes, you deserve to give yourself credit for constantly firing circuits now feeling damp and down. Take a few minutes to review the work you’ve done since New Year’s and impress yourself.


Beat the doldrums by embracing a few quick tasks to improve your perspective. Before you know it, we’ll be working through the ramped-up pace of autumn.


What other ways have you found to beat the doldrums whether you feel them in your work in the summer months or in the long and cold winter months? We’d love to hear! Share with us in the comments section on the website, via social media, or via email at diane@dhleonardconsulting.com.


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