How Have You Improved Your Grant Development in 2017?

In January, I challenged you to set a few goals for 2017 that could become healthy habits, professionally or personally or both.

For 2017, my professional goals were to expand my own consulting business and continue my professional development. And I did that. This year I attended several webinars, co-presented a webinar, participated in #Grantchat, attended GPA Kentucky Chapter events, and attended and lead a discussion at the GPA National Conference. (Read the highlights of the What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You? discussion here.) I have been able to accomplish those goals and create processes to continue the goals as habits in the coming years.

What were your professional goals this year? What did you do this year to make yourself a better nonprofit professional? Were any of these on your list?

  1. Take the Grant Readiness Challenge for your organization
  2. Read two books for professional development (See Three Books that should be on Every Grant Professional’s Bookshelf for some ideas on what to read)
  3. Eat lunch away from your desk
  4. Move more
  5. Drink more water
  6. Don’t take work home

Did establishing goals and habits improve your grant development in 2017?

It did for me. The professional development I participated in this year increased my self-confidence as a grant professional, which gives me confidence in researching and writing grant applications and builds the foundation for future success. I have been able to establish processes for my clients to not only improve their grant development but their stability, sustainability, and transparency as well.

Now, how can you use the healthy habits you started in 2017 to help you plan for 2018?

For the last several years, Diane has done a free webinar about starting your grant strategy off right for the year. Find a recording of this year’s webinar, along with handouts here: Start Your 2018 Grant Strategy Off Right! I use the information Diane provides in this webinar each year to help plan for my next year of grant development. Let’s continue to improve our grant development by establishing good habits and taking a little time to plan.

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