17 Favorite Grant Resources

Year 17! 

Our team is so excited to be celebrating 17 years of supporting incredible nonprofits creating impacts in their communities. 


Since 2006, we have helped secure over $104.5M in grant awards and trained over 72,227 professionals – WOW! 


To help celebrate 17 years, our team put together 17 of our favorite grant resources. Although we didn’t rank them in order, as we love them all, and unlike our conversations about having priorities in sequential order, we allowed these resources to all be equally amazing. 

  1.  Our Peers – Yes, each of YOU and your generous sharing of knowledge and skills
  2.  Bell to ring to celebrate submissions and awards!
  3.  Grant Professionals Association
  4.  Candid
  5.  Highlighters
  6.  Grammarly
  7.  Water bottle
  8.  #GrantChat
  9.  Funding Information Network
  10.  Second screen or a split-screen
  11.  Treadmill Desks
  12.  Steady supply of healthy snacks
  13.  NonprofitAF
  14.  Grants.gov Newsletter
  15.  Coffee/tea in your favorite coffee cup/mug
  16.  Fundraising HayDay podcast
  17.  Strategies to be a #HealthyGrantPro 


Which one of these is your favorite? Have something, not on our list that has been your favorite? Let us know! 


We are also giving you a 17% discount on all of our $19.99 resources, OR if you are interested in Scrum, take advantage of the discount on an upcoming training, use discount code Year17!

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