Practical tips to help every grant seeking organization improve their overall grant readiness.

What you get with your guide:

  • What grant readiness is, because we know it is more than simply wanting to increase the grant revenue in your financial statements.
  • How having a strategic plan can improve your grant readiness.
  • The role that a grant team plays in your grant readiness as an organization.
  • What tools are available to help you monitor your grant readiness for individual grant applications as well as overall for the organization.

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Not every funder is a perfect fit. 

This guide will help you understand why you should say no to some grant opportunities, has helpful brainstorming prompts, and a way to track funders that are not a fit right now. 

AND walk you through creating a grant calendar for those that you say YES to!

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Be successful in Your Relationship Outreach to Grantmakers

This toolkit is designed to walk you through step-by-step successfully reaching out to your grantmaker with talking points, questionnaire and tips!

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Logic models are a common part of grant applications.

Logic models also increase the shared understanding of the program design between program leadership and the grant professional/grant writer working on the application.

This guide lays out the steps we follow when building a logic model for a program. With each step, we also provide you examples for what the section might contain.

Only $19.99

Our team is dedicated to helping you feel confident when you click submit. We created a mock review toolkit for you to simulate the review experience.


In this guide you will receive:

  • Tool to assist in running a mock scoring audit internally,
  • Provides a firm application rubric for when one is not given by a potential funder, and
  • Criteria to help improve and ensure a complete grant application.

Only $19.99

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