What Are Some Go To Resources For Grant Writing Education?

It often feels like a big world for new grant professionals. There is so much to learn and so many decisions that are left to the grant writers. The decisions, I think, are what cause new grant writers pause, like a new writer coming to an empty page. One person reached out to Diane and mentioned that she was a grant writing intern fresh out of one of our webinars; She mentioned that she “wasn’t sure where to go next” in her grant writing education. 


We have quite a few ways new grant writers/grant professionals can learn more through the FREE resources that we have on our website, dhleonardconsulting.com. On the website, we have free recorded webinars which you can access and we also offer our free GRASP Tool to help you measure your grant readiness. The blog post that you’re seeing isn’t an isolated event,  we cover numerous topics in our Grant Writer’s Blog that might help a grant professional in their journey. Finally, we offer a free weekly newsletter which includes listing of funding opportunities, articles from throughout the field, and upcoming training (both paid and free) opportunities. (You can subscribe here.)


These resources outlined above are those we create and curate, but grant writers should  also look into the Grant Professionals Association; they have excellent resources for those new to grants (although this is

a membership based organization, so the best level resources are really for members).

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