Halfway Through The Year…Are You Meeting Your Goals?

We are a few days past the halfway mark for the calendar year, so I stopped to assess some of the metrics our team looks at when doing planning for the next quarter compared to our goals – client success percentage, dollars awarded to clients, the number of blog post hits and shares, etc.

When in the midst of so many competing grant deadlines, and this time of year, when we are also balancing grant deadlines with summer vacations for both ourselves and our grant tea members, I find that it never hurts to have a reminder or an accountability partner to ensure you pause and look at your metrics.

Perhaps you’ve already done your analysis for your first six months. In fact, perhaps you update your analysis each month in preparation for a team or board meeting. Gold star if that is the case!

If that isn’t the case…no worries, your accountability partner is here to help!

I’ve written before about the metrics you should consider in measuring your success as a grant professional – so I won’t bore you with that again here, but if you’ve missed it, you can access a post about setting your goals for the year here.

And if you prefer webinar style learning instead of blog posts, you can listen to/watch a recorded webinar where I walked through setting up a grant strategy for a successful 2018. It’s never too late to get started with setting a strong strategy. You can watch that webinar here.


…And since we’re talking about metrics…I mentioned that one of the metrics that I keep an eye on is the readership and circulation numbers for our blog posts. We want what we share on the blog to be of value to grant professionals of varying levels of experience as well as to members of the grant team beyond the lead grant professional. It’s always fascinating to see what posts are most widely read each year.

Our 4 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2018

4. Grant Writing Isn’t a Solo Sport: When Life and Deadlines Compete by Nicole Sibilski, GPC

3. The Value of The Grant Writing Process…Regardless of the Outcome by Briana Popek

2. You Know You Are a Grant Writer When…  by Bethany Turner, GPC

1. How to Avoid a Grant Writing Scam by Diane H. Leonard, GPC


What other topics would you like to see us write about for the balance of 2018 that will help *you* in achieving your professional and organizational goals for the remainder of the year? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a note on social media!

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