Ideas to Celebrate International Grant Professionals Day

It is award season for the entertainment industry – Golden Globes, The Grammy’s, The Oscars, NFL Honors, etc. It is time to celebrate the individual and team accomplishments of the last year. It is also time to celebrate the individual and team accomplishments in the grants world.


The fifth annual International Grant Professionals Day (IGPD) is Friday, March 8, 2019. IGPD is a day to ”recognize and show appreciation to all grant professionals.” DH Leonard Consulting is proud to partner again with the Grant Professionals Association for this day, having been a partner all 5 years, as this is a great day to recognize our team and the work that they and our colleagues do.


Who is a grant professional, you may ask? Who should be celebrated? A grant professional is anyone who works with grants in any capacity even if the word grant is not in their title. IGPD is to honor grant seekers, grant makers, and grant project managers.


Ten Ways to Celebrate

Ten ideas on how to celebrate your Grant Professional on IGPD (or if you are a grant professional, here are ideas to celebrate your hard work and dedication to the profession)

  • Celebratory lunch or dinner
  • Get together with other grant professionals – Many GPA chapters have an event for IGPD. The Kentucky Chapter, which I am currently serving as VP, is having dinner together at a local restaurant.
  • A hand-written note
  • Decorate the office/cubicle
  • Flowers, balloons, confetti
  • Coffee, candy, ice cream, Girl Scout cookies, your favorite treat
  • Gift card to favorite restaurant or hobby
  • Social media posts  
  • Spend the grant money in the way you said you would in the application
  • Give requested information to your grant professional in a timely manner


I wish each and every grant professional a happy International Grant Professionals Day. Thank you for hard work and dedication to making the world a better place. Be sure to share how you are celebrating International Grant Professionals Day on social media with the hashtags #IGPA and #lifeasagrantpro.

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