Can You Cure Writer’s Block?

Can You Cure Writer’s Block?

Writer's BlockThe short answer to that question is yes. I would say that most people would agree that writer’s block is the tornado to Dorothy’s house–and instead of sending us over the rainbow, we end up on YouTube for a couple hours. In my experience, this is not the solution. Forms of entertainment mostly lead to forms of procrastination that don’t allow the mind to rest like it should. 


In my expert opinion, which is to say I am an expert procrastinator, entertainment is the chief tool for my exploits into the abyss. To avoid procrastination and head into renewing the mind, I have found a few specific activities that defibrillate the writing part of our mind.


The first activity is, well, activity. Specifically, physical activity can reset a mind like almost nothing else. It energizes the body, requires your mind’s full attention, and it makes you feel accomplished. For me this looks like going for a run or to the skatepark, but the options are endless.


Physical activity is great and all, but oftentimes writer’s block also blocks motivation. When motivation is low, and the brick wall of writing feels more like titanium, it’s better to get some help. Most recently when I experienced writer’s block, I received a text from my friend that he needed a ride from work to our house. I was practically out the door before I finished reading the text. After picking him up, talking to him about the day, and generally having a pleasant time, suddenly writing didn’t feel so restricting. 


I feel like this last tip has to be preceded by a cautionary warning: it is a dangerous activity, and sometimes leads to sporadic decisions. This tip is simply thinking. I like to lay on the carpet of my living room and stare at my slightly water-stained ceiling and offer up all the repressed thoughts that sometimes build a damn around our ideas. When these thoughts are guided through our stream of consciousness, the writer’s block is eroded away and the writer can continue on. 


I hope these suggestions help you in your pursuit of a renewed mind.

If you’d like to think more on mindfulness, we have an earlier blog post here.



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