3 Favorite Posts For Improved Editing

As Mother’s Day was approaching and I paused this past week to prepare with my two daughters for what they wanted to send my mom, Grandma Elaine, I reflected on the countless lessons she has taught me. In addition to all the years of patient advice and guidance related to growing up, raising daughters, and never settling when striving for my personal goals, she also was my first editor. The editing started with whiteout and typewriters (yikes, I’m dating myself!) but thankfully quickly became a little easier as my family purchased its first computer so that I didn’t nearly cry when an absent comma could just about bring me to tears with the idea of retyping a piece for school.

In her honor, today I’m sharing three of our most beloved and well-read posts about editing to help us all continue to improve our work as grant professionals – everything from semicolons to collaborative editing processes.

3 Favorite Posts For Improved Editing

Semicolons for Grant Writers

by Julie Johnson

Whether as a peer review editor or a grant reviewer, I see that semicolon use is often a conundrum for grant writers. Writers are tending to place semicolons where it seems as if they feel the need for a “heavier” punctuation. They might not know the best placement for clear reading.

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Collaborative Editing

by Amy Bonn

You know the grimace you make when handed an edited draft of a grant you’ve been working for weeks on and it’s filled with red pencil mark ups (or track mark ups as the case may be).  Your reaction probably harkens back to your days in high school when red pencil marks adorned your impassioned paper on “Catcher in the Rye” with phrases like “run on sentence”, “passive voice”, and “more detail”.

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5 Tips for Editing Your Full Proposal

by Bethany Turner, GPC

How many times have you submitted a grant application and right after you hit submit you see several mistakes? We have all been there. It happens to the best of us.

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What are your favorite tips or posts related to editing? We’d love to hear! Share them with us in the comments section on the website, in social media, or drop the link or tip to me directly in email at diane@dhleonardconsulting.com.


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