6 Inspirational Quotes for Grant Professionals

We all have days as grant professionals/grant writers where we are looking for a bit of inspiration or motivation, even if it comes in the form of inspirational quotes, right?! In my office, I love to keep track of inspirational quotes that are related to writer’s block, editing, mistakes/rejection, and all things writing-related so that we can read them as needed and then dig back into our work. We share these quotes every Monday across our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, etc, for #motivationmonday as a way to help jumpstart our week’s in a positive week. But in case you aren’t following #mondaymotivation related hashtags, here are six of our favorite inspirational quotes for you with a bit of commentary about how we think they apply to our work as grant professionals.

6 Inspiration Quotes for Grant Writers

1. Sometimes, despite our strong belief based on relationship building and following of best practices, the grant application that we were SURE would be approved gets denied.


2. As we gain experience as grant professionals, we learn lessons from mistakes in previous processes – now we always get collaborative partner buy-in in writing, or we always submit 24 hours before an online deadline, etc. Take a minute and look back at some of the first grants you wrote – it is amazing to see your own personal growth in how your style and strength of writing have improved!

3. The wisdom of the lessons learned from each previous grant application whether funded or denied serves to make our next application that much stronger!

4. Don’t let writer’s block get in your way! Get words onto the draft document and get the application started. You will always go back and edit it into a great piece.

5. If we waited for the perfectly quiet office, or the perfect cup of coffee or the perfect mood to start a new narrative, we might always be waiting…well…except for the perfect cup of coffee – that DOES exist in many grant writers’ days.

6. When looking at a blank cursor in a work plan, or on a budget form, or in a narrative, get started even by putting your headings down or your known assumptions. The rest of the language will begin to flow.


What are some of your favorite inspirational quotes? We’d love for you to share them in the comment section of the website or via social media!

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