What Does Your Grant Readiness Score Mean?

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What Does Your Grant Readiness Score Mean?

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What Does Your Grant Readiness Score Mean?

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Have you heard the news? We’ve been shouting from the rooftop, the coffee shops, social media and anywhere we can the past few weeks, but you may have missed it – the GRASP Tool is now live! It is a *FREE* 10-minute questionnaire that gives you the Grant Readiness Score for your organization.

In fact, your results might look something like this:

Grant Readiness - 100 Score Example

Pretty cool, right?! We think so! No more describing grant readiness and concerns over potential red flags in an organization using only our “grant writer intuition” (side note: grant writer intuition is a very real and still very important part of our work – trust your professional gut!) or saying “trust me, I’ve seen this before.” We now have a metric to share with our employer, with our clients, with our grant teams, with our Board of Directors as a discussion item for areas of strength in our grant seeking strategy, but also, areas for improvement. And we know that *all* organizations have areas for improvement, even if successfully securing millions in grant funds each year.  Those are the organizations that are working to score more than 100 on the GRASP Tool as yes, it is possible.

But now for the BIG question, what does your grant readiness score actually mean?? Time to break it down for you.

What Does Your Grant Readiness Score Mean?

Grant Readiness Score Under 50

You may need some help focusing on improving your organization’s grant readiness and therefore, your overall competitiveness in grant seeking. The good news is that all that can change, but it requires that you give prompt attention to those areas where your GRASP chart shows your areas for improvement. You need to create grant seeking strategy strengthening goals and a plan for improvement.

Grant Readiness Score 51 – 75

You are on the right path towards grant readiness! However, you have some work to do to further improve your grant readiness as an organization. Where are you strong? Build on your existing strengths shown in your GRASP chart as a means to focus on your areas for improvement. You need to create grant seeking strategy strengthening goals and a plan for improvement.

Grant Readiness Score 76 – 100

You’re on track. Congratulations! You’re experiencing grant seeking success in multiple areas. You have numerous strengths in your grant seeking strategy. This is the time to now capitalize on those strengths and tackle those final areas for improvement identified in your GRASP chart. Strengthen those areas for improvement while maintaining your current areas of grant seeking strength and you’ll see your grant seeking success and revenue continue to increase.

Grant Readiness Score 101 or Above

Wow! You’re obviously doing a great job and are at the top of your grant seeking game. But, you didn’t get to this level of grant readiness by accident. You are a grant seeking organization that is intentional and proactive in your strategy. The key now is to realize that there’s a whole new level that of growth and achievement you haven’t even thought about yet. How can your grant seeking and level of grant readiness take your organization to the next level?


What Your Grant Readiness Score Does NOT Mean

As with any metric, there is a range of acceptable and each organization will look different. Just as with health metrics, there are numerous factors that play into your grant readiness score. You may be successful in some grant seeking situations with a low grant readiness score. In fact, we hope that it is the case. What we want to highlight is that the higher your grant readiness score, the more competitive you will be in EACH grant seeking situation you pursue. The higher your score the stronger the indicator that your grant seeking strategy is consistent and stronger.


Now What?

Looking for a bit more info and tips about grant readiness? You can watch/listen to the recorded free webinar we did about the tool below:

You can also download the slides from the presentation here.

Still have some questions about grant readiness? You aren’t alone! We want to hear from you. Share your comments in the website below or with us via social media.

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  • By Rebecca Shawver 06 Jan 2016

    My grant readiness score looks right on point for my institution overall! I knew where are weaknesses were and the tool correctly spotted them. The truth is, if I had answered the questions for individual departments that work actively with the grant office, our score would have been much closer to 100. But then other departments would have scored in the low 50s at best. However, since I lumped them all together to answer the questions, our overall score was still a fairly healthy 78. 🙂 Not too bad.

    So I’ll just continuing writing grants with the departments that are ready – after all, we’ve been very successful in getting grant contracts from the federal, state, local and foundation sources open to us. So we’ll keep on truckin”.

    • By Diane H. Leonard, GPC 17 Jan 2016

      Rebecca – Glad to hear that you found the GRASP Tool and your organization’s Grant Readiness Score to be on point and a useful measure! You are welcome to take the Tool on a semi or annual basis in order to measure your progress.

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