2018 In Review: Top 10 Grant Writing Posts from Our Team

2018 was quite the year in the field of grant writing as well as for the DH Leonard Consulting team. As it winds down and we ensure that all of our clients have their grant calendars and grant teams in great shape for the year ahead, we paused to look at which blog posts YOU enjoyed the most this year.

I’ve turned them into a Top 10 Highlights list reminiscent of Dave Letterman’s Top 10 lists. Enjoy catching up on these popular posts in case you missed them when they were originally published.

Top 10 Grant Writing Tips & Lessons Learned of the Year

10. Storytelling is a critical element in grant applications – it isn’t just about client stories as a method of storytelling.

Answers to the Most Common Questions about Storytelling in Grants

by Diane H. Leonard, GPC


9. While a rejection letter/email always stings, sometimes there is a silver lining for the organization.

The Value of the Grant Process…Regardless of the Outcome

by Briana Popek


8. Grant professionals *are* superheroes, but like any professional, we have boundaries for how and when our best work is performed and 2am is rarely the answer.

Setting Boundaries as a Grant Professional

by Diane H. Leonard, GPC


7. Sharing knowledge and lessons learned with those new to the field is an important part of what we can do as seasoned professionals to help grow our field.

Dear New Grant Professional…a Letter from an Experienced Grant Professional

by Diane H. Leonard, GPC


6. Grant professionals find inspiration for our writing in many elements of our daily life, including what movies we watch.

Movies for Grant Writers

by Amy Bonn, GPC


5. An answer to one of the most common questions answered by those new to grant writing that helps them judge how much time grant writing is going to take in their role.

How Much Time Does it Take to Write a Grant?

by Diane H. Leonard, GPC


4. What does your #lifeasagrantwriter or #lifeasagrantpro look like? These items might help you realize that you truly ARE a grant writer now, not just dabbling in it as part of “other duties as assigned” in your job description.

You Know You Are a Grant Writer When…

by Bethany Turner, GPC


3. Unfortunately, grant writing scams are real, and the news real in 2018 highlighted that for the public again.

How to Avoid a Grant Writing Scam

by Diane H. Leonard, GPC


2. Not all foundations are going to love your organization, whether Gates, Kellogg, or a local family foundation as their mission may not be a strong fit with yours.

The Gates Foundation Is Just Not That Into You…

by Nicole Sibilski, GPC



1. The safety of our communities, and in particular our schools, is a hot topic throughout the country so it makes sense that tips about the funding available for school safety grants would be a top post this year.

School Safety Grants

by Judy Riffle, Ed.D.


What other blog posts did you read and find to be bookmark worthy or shareable this year? Whether from our team or another source, we’d love to hear what you would add to the top 10 list!

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