Mock Grant Review

Mock Grant Review

Instead of wondering how your proposal will fare against the review process, you can increase the competitiveness of your application by having your application go through a mock grant review prior to finalizing the application for submission. This process is a proven way to increase your competitiveness in state and federal grant applications.

As part of the mock grant review process, you can expect our team to complete the following activities as appropriate to your organization’s needs:

  • Convene team to review your completed grant application, prior to formal submission, following the scoring rubric of the grantmaker.
  • Provide content edits and scoring feedback specific to the scoring rubric of the grantmaker.
  • Provide a summary of edits and comments based on the scoring rubric of the grantmaker.
  • Provide a second review of the completed grant application, if requested, prior to submission.
  • If a member of our team was also the lead writer for the application being mock reviewed, the team assembled for the process will not include the lead grant consultant or supportive junior grant consultant who wrote or edited the application.

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