Grant Readiness Assessment

Grant Readiness Assessment

Have you always wondered if there is a grant readiness assessment? Exactly how to measure your organization’s grant readiness?  Or what it really means to be grant ready?

Grant Readiness

We have analyzed more than ten years of data from nonprofit organizations and developed a proprietary, copyrighted tool, the GRASP Tool (Grant Readiness Assessment Strategy Prep) in order to help measure the grant readiness of grant seeking organizations.


Find out YOUR organization’s grant readiness using our FREE GRASP (Grant Readiness Assessment Strategy Prep) Tool.


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Completing the GRASP Tool takes approximately 10 minutes. Your information is confidential and will not be shared publically or with any other organizations. You will receive your custom GRASP report within 72 hours of submitting your confidential assessment. You will receive a Grant Readiness Score from 0 – 120 and a visualization of your areas of grant seeking strength and areas for improvement.



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