Grant Readiness Challenge: Day 1: Take the GRASP Tool

Welcome to our 30 Day Grant Readiness Challenge! 

Grant readiness in grant seeking organizations can be something that brings out the best of grant professional humor. When an organization is asked to consider if they are “grant ready,” the answer is usually a resounding, “Of course we are! We are ready to receive grant money!”

Joking aside, grant readiness is one of the most important factors for grant seekers to consider, relative to each and every potential application. Grant readiness comes through in all aspects of your grant seeking. It impacts how you decide what your priorities are for grant revenue and, therefore, who and what you research as part of creating a proactive grant‐seeking strategy. It impacts how you sell your organization’s strengths during your grant funder relationship‐building efforts. It impacts how you talk about your programs and organizational capacity during your application writing work. It can be difficult to put a clear answer to the question of whether or not an organization is grant ready, as it relies on so many variables. That is why we offer the 30 Day Grant Readiness Challenge. We want to help all grant seeking organizations improve their grant readiness whether their growth strategy is to get their *first* grant or to increase their award percentage for federal proposals. This challenge is for all grant seekers!

Here is information to help you get started on Day 1 of the Grant Readiness Challenge:

Take the GRASP Tool.

Completing the GRASP Tool takes approximately 10 minutes. Your information is confidential and will not be shared publicly or with any other organizations. You will receive your custom GRASP report within 3 business days of submitting your confidential assessment. You will receive a Grant Readiness Score from 0 – 120 and a visualization of your areas of grant seeking strength and areas for improvement.

So what are you waiting for? It’s free to participate in the challenge! Sign up now! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain in terms of extra competitiveness with your grant applications.

Join us for the rest of the challenge! Sign up and you will get a daily email during the 30 days of your challenge with tips and tricks on how to address the readiness item for the day. We can’t wait to hear how your grant readiness score improves by the end of the 30-day challenge!


Share your journey on the 30 Day Grant Readiness Challenge by using the hashtag #grantreadiness on your posts and updates on social media.

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