Grant Writing is a Team Sport

Did you play a sport growing up? Participate in the high school musical? Play in the school band? Belong to a school club?


These are all great examples of how it takes a team to achieve a goal.


Fast forward to your work as a grant professional.


Have you been asked “if you can’t just write it?” in regards to an application? Have you been told that your colleague is too busy to be involved with grants? Have you had the thought that you are a grant team of one?


These are all examples of organizations where grants are NOT considered a team activity. The reality is…for grants to be a sustainable and successful part of an organization they HAVE to be approached as a “team sport.”


What is one way you help your organization embrace the reality that grant writing IS a team sport? 


Let me know in the comments section below. I can’t wait to hear about your unique approaches!



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