A Grant Team of We, Not Me

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“Grant Team of We, Not Me,” by Diane H. Leonard, GPC, was originally published on GrantHub on March, 8, 2017


When you read “grant team” do you look around and wonder who we mean?

Do you feel like a grant team of one?

Or, conversely, do you have an idea of who your grant team should be, but have a difficult time actively engaging them?

After analyzing hundreds of grant ready organizations and their data through the GRASP Tool, one of the most common areas for improvement in grantseeking organizations of all focus areas, communities served, and organization size appears to be the lack of a grant team.

That being said, we know that grant teams do not all sound and act the same. Successful grant teams come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, grant teams are often not even formally titled as such, and what your organization’s or client’s grant team looks like will likely ebb and flow as different members of the organization come and go.

You can read the rest of Diane’s post and tips for effective grant teams here.


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You can also catch up on this past week’s #grantchat if you weren’t able to join the conversation live. Diane was a guest on the chat where the community discussed ten different questions related to the idea of “Grant Team of We, Not Me.” You can read the full Storify of the chat here (you don’t need to have a Twitter account to read/access this).

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