Diane H. Leonard Earns Grant Professional Credential

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Diane H. Leonard Earns Grant Professional Credential

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Diane H. Leonard Earns Grant Professional Credential







Clayton, NY (April 16, 2013): Diane H. Leonard, President/Owner for DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC, has earned a nationally recognized credential in the grants field.  The recognition is conferred by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute, Inc. (GPCI, pronounced “gypsy”), an affiliate of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA).  Ms. Leonard is one of nine certified grant professionals nationally who were recently conferred the “GPC” title as Grant Professional Certified and one of less than 360 GPCs nationwide.   The credential recognizes proficiency in standards that include tenure in the profession, education, demonstrated achievement and a commitment to service for public and private philanthropy.

“The past decade of activity by the Grant Professionals Association shows this field now requires skills far beyond just the staff-level ‘writer’ role,” said GPCI Past President Marcia Ford.  “Today, grant professionals are held accountable not just by their employers, but especially by charitable and corporate foundations and governments.  They are called upon to negotiate elaborate collaborations between groups that can leverage more productivity than a single agency or advocacy group could manage on its own.  They come from many walks,” she said, “and are more likely to have nonprofit management and program development skills than the typical proposal writer from the last generation.”

“It is a great professional achievement to become a GPC,” Ms. Leonard said.  “Earning my GPC affirms my decade of successes as a grant professional including the level of expertise, standards, and ethics that I hold my team to in our support of nonprofits.”

Beyond meeting stringent eligibility requirements, GPCs have mastered nationally standardized competencies that are defined by nine skill sets.  In partnership with the University of South Florida’s Tampa-based Institute for Instructional Research and Practice (IIRP), the GPC exam was established within the strict rigors and standards of psychometric testing.  The exam, which took seven years since inception, is the result of numerous interactions with grant professionals, employers, the funding community, and other stakeholder groups throughout the country.

Credentialed individuals agree to uphold GPA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice.  GPCs receive certification for a three-year period.  In order to maintain the status, conferees must continue documenting their education, practices and contributions to the field, or pass the same examination as new GPCs.

The new national standards for the grants field are becoming the basis for current professional development, no matter what organization is offering the training.  These standards are design to illuminate the grant professional and provide guidance for the community as to who is capable to provide principled and skilled assistance in developing opportunities for the grant funding.  More information about GPCI can be found on its website, www.grantcredential.org.  More information about DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services can be found on its website, www.dhleonardconsulting.com.


About The Author
Diane H. Leonard, GPC, President of DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC (www.dhleonardconsulting.com) is an experienced and highly respected grant professional who provides grant development counsel to nonprofit organizations of varying size and scope. Diane founded DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC in 2006 and has secured millions of dollars in competitive grant funds for clients from the federal, state and local governments, and private foundations.

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