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19 Mar 2017

A Grant Team of We, Not Me

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“Grant Team of We, Not Me,” by Diane H. Leonard, GPC, was originally published on GrantHub on March, 8, 2017


When you read “grant team” do you look around and wonder who we mean?

Do you feel like a grant team of one?

Or, conversely, do you have an idea of who your grant team should be, but have a difficult time actively engaging them?

After analyzing hundreds of grant ready organizations and their data through the GRASP Tool, one of the most common areas for improvement in grantseeking organizations of all focus areas, communities served, and organization size appears to be the lack of a grant team.

That being said, we know that grant teams do not all sound and act the same. Successful grant teams come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, grant teams are often not even formally titled as such, and what your organization’s or client’s grant team looks like will likely ebb and flow as different members of the organization come and go.

You can read the rest of Diane’s post and tips for effective grant teams here.


We hope that you’ll join Diane on March 30, 2017 at 12pm ET for the *free* webinar  Identifying and Maximizing Your Grant Team for Great Results. Register now as space is limited!


You can also catch up on this past week’s #grantchat if you weren’t able to join the conversation live. Diane was a guest on the chat where the community discussed ten different questions related to the idea of “Grant Team of We, Not Me.” You can read the full Storify of the chat here (you don’t need to have a Twitter account to read/access this).

01 Jul 2015

Are *YOU* A Grant Ready Organization?

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How can you tell if you are a grant ready organization? Does your grant spidey-sense or your grant writer intuition beep at you or flag you when you’re close? Or when you’ve achieved that status of “grant ready organization?” Likely not, although if it does, we’d love to hear about it and hire you!

If you are looking for factors to consider related to grant readiness that are universal for most grant seeking organizations and types of grants that you might seek, we have a wonderful new infographic to share with you as an ongoing reference for you! As the result of a partnership between SmartEGrants and, the grant readiness process has been laid out in an infographic to show you what the basic key elements of grant readiness are.

Do you agree? Are strategic plans and policies and procedures being in place a key part of grant readiness? We think so. While having the elements of the checklist in place does not guarantee you grant funding, it does significantly increase the changes that the grant applications you are writing and submitting will be more competitive in the process.

Based on your experiences, do you believe that ALL the factors outlined in the infograhpic checklist need to be in place for each organization for each type of grant? Do some feel more flexible than others? We believe that there is some flexibility in what each checklist item will look like for different organizations to be successfully in place, however, all the items on the checklist are key items to have in place in a customized way with each organization who is considering starting or expanding grant revenue as a part of their budget.

Once you have established a basic platform of grant readiness for your organization, then the real fun begins – then you need to consider how your grant readiness is applicable to specific types of funders. That is when looking at the rest of the infographic is a good guide with a separate specific path of grant readiness fo you to consider for foundations, state, and federal grants.

You can see and save/pin the full Grant Readiness infographic here:


Looking for more resources about grant readiness?

Check out some additional resources below:

Check out our free grant readiness assessment tools (for both those new to assessing their grant readiness and those already well established) here:

Check out a previous blog post we wrote about key areas of grant readiness to focus on:

Looking to learn more about grant readiness? Join Diane for How To Be Grant Ready: A Step-by-Step Guide with Charity How To on July 14th. Register here: 


This post was originally published by #grantchat on January 22, 2015. The original post, and more information about #grantchat (a weekly Twitter chat for grant professionals co-moderated by DH Leonard Consulting President/Owner, Diane H. Leonard, GPC) can be found here.


**And if in reading this, if you or a colleague are interested in the job openings that DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services currently has open for Junior Grant Consultants and Grant Assistants, you can read more about the responsibilities and how to apply here.**


Turn to your neighbor at a Grant Professionals Association National Conference or a Grant Professionals Association chapter meeting or regional conference and ask your neighbor what their job title is and what their job title means within their organization. You will likely get a different answer for each neighbor you ask during the session. So what is in a job title? What does your job title mean that you are doing for your organization or clients as a grant professional? When we asked the #grantchat community responded that their titles ranged from Grant Writer to Coordinator of Foundation and Corporate Grants to Executive Director of Grants to Development Director.

It is because of the wide variety of titles within our profession that we asked the question of our #grantchat community members: Q10: If you were coaching someone entering the field of grants, what advice would you give for job titles and responsibilities? 

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16 Jan 2015

Do You Want to be a Grant Reviewer?

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This post was originally published on #grantchat on Thursday, January 15, 2015 and is republished here with permission.

One of the common questions that we receive here at #grantchat and SmartEGrants is how it is that a grant professional can become a grant reviewer. We opened the dialogue up to the full #grantchat community in this week’s chat with guest Olivia Daugherty (@runwritelaugh) who has served as a reviewer for foundations, the city of Houston, local nonprofits & the state of Texas.

Why do grant professionals want to take the time out of their already full professional lives to serve as grant reviewers? Is it the high pay? Is it the prestige? Not so much. Here is what #grantchat community members that have served as grant reviewers have to say about the benefit of serving as a grant reviewer.

Benefit of Being a Grant Reviewer

Benefit of Being a Grant Reviewer

Benefit of Being a Grant Reviewer

Benefit of Being a Grant Reviewer

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27 Oct 2014

Breaking Down Grant Silos

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How Do ‘Grant Silos’ Impact Our Grant Success?

This past week we talked about Grant Silos on #Grantchat – you  can find the full chat archive here or here.

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