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06 Feb 2015

Like Wine & Cheese…

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On SmartEGrants this week, we started talking about all the different pairings that highlight other ways to think about how Social Media and Grants are aligned. Here is the fun spin that SmartEGrants put on it: “However, in theory and practice, the SmartEGrants team believes that they go together like…well…

  • Like peanut butter & jelly
  • Like peas and carrots
  • Like wine and cheese

We could keep going, but you get the point.”

[tweetthis]Social media and grants go together like wine and cheese. -@SmartEGrants[/tweetthis]

The more I brainstormed on the idea with the SmartEGrants team, the more fun I had using food pairings as an example to highlight to those who aren’t quite convinced yet of the importance of understanding and utilizing the overlap in social media and grant goals within their grant seeking organizations. Here are some other examples I came up with:

  • Green eggs and ham
  • Pancakes and syrup
  • Pretzels and beer
  • Pizza and wings

All powerful, great foods (some in more moderation than others!) that are even better when paired with something else. Do I have you convinced yet about the overlap in social media and grants?

Yes? Or maybe you were already convinced…social media and grants DO go together like wine and cheese. Rather your concerns are with how to be use and optimize your research, relationships, and post grant award grant funder interactions on the specific networks. You are right to be concerned that your voice on each network is appropriate and that you leverage each opportunity. If that is so, I hope you will join us for the network specific webinars SmartEGrants is holding over the next three weeks as part of the Blueprints for Grants webinar series to help you better understand how to implement a social media strategy that supports your grant goals for your organization.

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