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Briana Popek, Grant Consultant

Briana Popek has worked in the grant development field since 2012, and has secured over $14 million at all levels of funding for nonprofits, school districts, and municipalities. In 2017, Briana established Kaleidoscope Grant Consulting in Buffalo, NY, after several years of working for high-volume consulting companies. Briana’s experience includes sole or primary authorship of over 106 grant applications and counting, not including her contributions to collaborative projects for which she has been subcontracted by other firms. Briana’s diverse grant project experience includes education and community youth programs, capital projects, safety net services, arts and culture, medical services, municipal infrastructure improvements, police and fire services and equipment, community economic development, and more. Briana enjoys all aspects of grant development, especially researching community data for grant narratives and conducting funder research.


An avid learner, Briana enjoys the project diversity that consulting provides, and strives to share her grant knowledge with her clients so that they can better understand the field as it relates to their organizations and goals.


Briana has a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, for which she completed a double major in American Studies and Music and a double minor in Philosophy and Sociology. Briana is currently working on a graduate degree and preparing to take the GPC exam.

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