Using Our Top Posts of 2016 to Kick Off a Great 2017

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Using Our Top Posts of 2016 to Kick Off a Great 2017

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Using Our Top Posts of 2016 to Kick Off a Great 2017

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Happy New Year!

We took a moment to reflect on what you thought were our top posts from 2016 and discuss how they can influence our grant seeking in 2017.

ICYMI: Our Top Posts of 2016

Here are our five top posts based on your clicks, comments and shares:

1 – 5 Things NOT to Say in Grant Applications (by Diane Leonard, GPC)

Instead of talking about what to say in your grant applications, we thought what if instead we focus on what NOT to say in a grant application?


2 – 10 Tips Learned From Being a Federal Grant Reviewer (by Judy Riffle, Ph.D.)

Since 2012, I have served on six federal grant review committees. Every time, I learn something different; it is one of the best forms of professional development available for grant writers.


3 – Tips for Your Biggest Grant Writing Challenges of 2016 (by Diane Leonard, GPC)

There definitely was a theme to the challenges for 2016 that were submitted to us. They focused a great deal on relationships with grant makers. How to establish them. Who should hold them. How often to reach out. How to make them stronger.


4 – Three Books That Should be on Every Grant Professional’s Bookshelf (by Bethany Turner, GPC)

As a Grant Professional, I am always looking for new tools and resources to add to my toolbox to help me continue to grow. I love reading blogs, attending webinars, and finding great books to expand my professional knowledge.


5 – Grant Readiness Challenge: Day 1: Take the GRASP Tool (by Diane Leonard, GPC)

It can be difficult to put a clear answer to the question of whether or not an organization is grant ready, as it relies on so many variables. That is why we have started the 30 Day Grant Readiness Challenge. To help all grant seeking organizations improve their grant readiness whether their growth strategy is to get their *first* grant or to increase their award percentage for federal proposals. This challenge is for all grant seekers!



Using Our 2016 Reading to Kick Off a Great 2017

What can we learn from our favorite posts in 2016 that can influence our grant writing in 2017? Plenty! Here are some of our key takeaways:

  • Relationships are king! Our colleague Heather Stombaugh, GPC, CFRE always says that “people give to people” and “people make grants to people.” This could not be more accurate! While not all grantmakers have the capacity or preference for pre-award interactions and relationships, many DO, so don’t skip that important step of outreach before applying for a new grant.
  • Think like a grantmaker! Ask colleagues to review your proposals against the scoring rubric of a funder. Volunteer to serve on a United Way or Community Foundation community review panel. Sign up to be a federal grant reviewer. Put yourself in the shoes and mindset of a grantmaker to improve your own work.
  • Sharpen your skills! We are always all growing as professionals. Whether you have been in the field for five weeks, five months or five years we have so much more to learn and continue to improve in our own individual work. Read! Go to conferences! Attend webinars. Join the Grant Professionals Association. Put your professional development efforts at the top of your list and watch the positive impact on your award list for 2017.


What are you using to inspire your grant seeking for the year ahead? We’d love to hear! Share the links to your favorite posts either you wrote yourself or read by someone else so we can add it to our reading list as well.

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  • By Lindsey 05 Jan 2017

    Happy new year! Thanks for this great post and for all the fantastic resources you bring to your fellow grant professionals (a.k.a. grant writers, sexy Jedi unicorns, etc.)

    • By Diane H. Leonard, GPC 05 Jan 2017

      Lindsey – So glad you liked our summary of our top 2016 posts. What were some of your favorite other posts from around the field that you read this past year? – Diane

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